Food Delivery on Demand with the Savvy Web Panel

Our excellent On Demand Food Delivery Web & Mobile App Development Company Dubai, Singapore, Kenya, South Africa will enable you to feed people the meal of their choice. This is a platform that will enable your Users to quickly browse through, select, and order their favorite meals instantly while you earn a commission on every order!

Order your favorite meals on the go, track the delivery, get it delivered at your doorstep and contact us for further queries and support through the website (A user can order Food via Android App, iOS Apps, and Website too).

How Our Food Delivery App Work

A food delivery app makes it easy for the customers to connect with their favorite restaurant without visiting the restaurant. Let the number of customers and sales be increased in online mode.

Food Delivery workflow

Customer App

Get your favorite food from your favorite food court/restaurant without visiting the restaurant. The cleanest and most useful food delivery app is here for the Users. To order from a list of hundreds of restaurants and thousands of items that they offer, our app is the right appliance for every single user. Order the food online and get it at your doorstep. We have added the following features to our customer app.

  • Log in/Sign up
  • Location of the customer
  • All the nearby restaurants
  • Menu of the restaurants
  • Search panel
  • Add food item as per your need
  • Payment options (Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking or Cash on Delivery)
  • Track order status
  • Navigation
  • Track delivery man location
Food App

Restaurant Web Panel

Restaurants can increase their sales using the online mode of delivering food to more customers. We will provide a convenient and robust food delivery application for the restaurant to manage all the orders delivery easily. Download the app to see how the restaurant can maintain its panel, record, and much more! The app is ways that will benefit restaurants follow their sales, comprehend what their customers order more often and control their inventory. Restaurant panel of the food delivery app allows the restaurants to serve customers at their premises. The features in the restaurant panel are -

  • Log in/Sign up
  • Location of the customer
  • All the nearby restaurants
  • Menu of the restaurants
  • Search panel

Delivery Driver App

There is ultimately a digital way to earn money for people by delivering food. The primary aim of this app is to assure not just that more and more characters can use your app to order delicious food but to also make convinced that all your delivery operators can get more and more jobs and find delivering food gently. Recognize what all we give in the delivery Man app! See how the driver can build his profile, run his vehicle, take or decline jobs and more.

  • Log in/Sign up
  • Update Profile with personal and vehicle details
  • Set GPS
  • Notification from the restaurant to pick up the order
  • Set location to the address where the food is to be delivered

Food Admin Pannel

When a customer order food online from a restaurant and make payment then the payment is received by the admin first. The admin member keeps the commission and forwards the amount to the restaurant. The admin has the authority to manage the user panel, restaurant panel, and the delivery man panel as well. Admin panel consists of the following features -

  • Log in/Sign up
  • Manage the order from the customer side as well as the restaurant side.
  • Accept/Reject restaurant menu
  • Track the order details
  • Maintenance of the restaurant vendor's commercial section.
  • Order statistics

Choose your food

Customers can go through various restaurants and select the ones they like. They choose what they want and place the order easily.

Track the location

The restaurant and the customer can track the delivery man who is going to deliver the location to the doorstep.

Get the food delivered

The restaurant, as well as the customer, will be notified when the delivery man reaches the doorstep of the customer.

Payment choices

The customers will have several options to make the payment of their ordered food like cash on delivery, net banking, credit/debit card, etc.